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Compete globally with turnkey electronic solutions from
Services for the electronics industry
Our responsive and flexible services mean complete turnkey solutions for OEMs.

Quotations can generally be provided within five business days, even for complex products. Fast prototyping is available for all OEM projects. Plastic parts samples are generally available within 30 days of receipt of drawings and design approval. Typical time from design to production start for turnkey projects is less than six months. See our Products page for details on the products we manufacture.

Operated by our specially trained personnel, our four automatic chip-on-board (COB) bonding machines in clean-room conditions provide very high yields. Our quality control department constantly monitors alignment and conducts bond pull tests.

Corp. has a modern machine park with the following equipment:

  • 1 Fully Automatic Chip-On-Board Bonding Machine
  • 3 Semi Automatic Chip-On-Board Bonding Machines
  • 2 MPM AP HiE Automatic Stencil Printers
  • 1 Camalot Automatic Glue Machine
  • 1 Asymtek Automatic Glue Machine
  • 2 Philips Topaz-Xi Pick & Place Machines
  • 1 Philips ACM Micro Pick & Place Machine
  • 1 Yamaha YG200L High Speed Pick & Place Machines
  • 2 8-Zone Lead-Free Hot Air Reflow Ovens
  • 2 Lead-Free Wave Soldering Machine
  • 1 Normal Wave Soldering Machine
  • 3 Through-Hole Component Inserting Lines
  • 4 40-Position Belt Lines for Casing Assembly
  • 2 15-Position Belt Lines for Casing Assembly
  • 1 UV Conformal Coating Curing Oven
  • 2 Epoxy/PU Potting Machines
  • 3 Walk-In Ovens for Curing and Burn-in
  • 6 Ultra-sonic Welding Machines
  • 2 I.C.T. Testers.

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