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 Company Profile
Compete globally with turnkey electronic solutions from
Some Key Customers
Serving a world-wide customer base with proven cost efficiencies and quality!

's electronic components and devices are found in products from industry-leading manufacturers around the globe. They choose to give them a cost and quality advantages in their highly competitive markets ... and you can benefit from this advantage as well.

Husqvarna Construction Products
Husqvarna Construction Products (Sweden)
Dometic GMBH
Dometic Group (Sweden, Germany, Hungary)
Toro (USA, Australia, Europe)
Stanley Security Solutions Inc. Sargent and Greenleaf Division
Stanley Security Solutions Inc.,
Sargent and Greenleaf Division
Arad Technologies Ltd.
Arad Technologies (Israel)
E-Lock Technologies
E-Lock Technologies (Israel)
Tadiran Appliances
Tadiran Appliances (Israel)
Trelock GMBH (Germany)
Irritrol Systems Europe SRL (Italy)

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